Sunday, July 05, 2009

Utah: Camping

I left for Utah on the morning of June 29th with our three boys and my 17-yr-old cousin, Jackie. Somehow, my parents talked me into going straight to camping after a two-day drive, so we arrived at "Grandpa's Cabin" on June 30th. Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos, but here are the better ones that I did take.

David did not enjoy camping, but Spencer thought it was great and even went with me on quite an ATV adventure ride--which included crossing a river that got me wet up to mid-thigh. Because Jason had just learned to crawl, he spent most of the time inside the cabin. Unfair, I know.

These photos are from the kids playing in the hammock, and a little ATV ride/nature hike that we (Audrey, Stacey, and Dad) took the older grandkids on. There are also some "morning forest" shots that I took--morning is my favorite time of day in the mountains.

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