Friday, July 20, 2007

We are in TEXAS!

(Written June 20, 2007) Yes, we are still alive. Over the last six weeks we have traveled from Michigan to Utah, from Utah to Washington, from Washington back to Utah, from Utah to Arizona, then from Arizona to Texas. During that time we lived in four different time zones, and various climactic regions. We spent over $800 out of pocket on two ear infections and a split chin (health insurance doesn't travel with us). We survived mass stomach flu. And had a FABULOUS TIME!

We got to spend time with almost all of our immediate family members, visit the zoo, ride on a train, walk the Seattle coastline, eat dinner with Ken Jennings (the Mormon Jeapordy guy), climbed mountains on ATV's, spent time with future bestselling authors, and were able to view the amazing and diverse beauty of this great country. Our boys, David (age 4) and Spencer (11 mo's), traveled amazingly well, and were generally pacified by the blessed DVD system and a variety of peek-a-boo and funny faces from Mommy (result: kinked neck!).

We are now in Lewisville, Texas, which is a northern suburb of Dallas. We are staying in a new home that Jonathan's parents just finished building, and we are only 10 minutes drive from the home which we are building, which is also in Lewisville. We are adjusting back to humidity after spending the previous weeks in Utah and Arizona, but it is wonderful here. I think that David and Spencer are finally starting to feel a little settled. It has been a crazy time of transition for the last couple of months.

We will be at this address until our house is finished sometime in September. Jonathan doesn't start work until July 12th so we still have some time to see the area and play bit before he is lost to the corporate grind. OK, here is our information, please feel free to call, email, or do something crazy old fashioned like send a letter. I will try to get organized in the next couple of weeks and update our blog (website) with photos and details of our travails, I mean travels.

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