Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being crafty

I know that I should be posting a photo of my cute boys, but instead, here is my cute craft project! My sisters and I spent two days sanding, painting, modge-podging, and spraying to create a set of "O's" for the word home. Each block represents a month of the year, except for the cupcake--which is for birthdays. This set was a birthday gift given to me by my Mom and sisters in April. Thankfully, when my sisters came to visit this weekend they decided to help me create it, because I probably would never have finished it on my own.


Kerri said...

Those are awesome! Is the ribbon on the December gift wood or actual ribbon? I'm jealous you've had all your sisters here.

Audrey said...

It's an actual ribbon--I made it all on my own! In the photos that we went off of, they had just painted a green ribbon on, but I thought it needed to be a little 3D. Thank you!

Lindz said...

These are soo cute Audrey! Your boys are getting so big too. I ran across your blog from Janice's, from facebook. Good to see you on the internet. We are in St. Louis now for residency. Hope you are doing well. -L. Jensen