Monday, October 06, 2008

Funny quotes from The Boys

Last week, David came out of the bathroom before school and said, "Mommy, my hair looks like sad plants. It looks like plants when they don't get enough water drooping down." (I had spritzed his now curl-less hair down toward his face like George Clooney on ER.)

Tonight at bedtime David said, "Mommy, tomorrow I want to take Spencer to school with me." (They miss playing with each other on Mondays when David goes back to school.)

Spencer is in love with his Cowboys hat, and his new (David's castoffs) Cars pajamas. Yesterday, he spent all day wearing both. Spencer is speaking in short sentences now, and has recently become enamored with the terms, "Go Cowboys" and "Yee-haw!"

When Jason is fussing Spencer will come and alert me, and/or insert a pacifier into Jason's mouth--not necessarily right side up, but it does calm Jason down.

Jason has been smiling now for the last couple of weeks, and Angela has heard him laugh.

Good times.

(Note: the woman in these photos is my sister-in-law, Angela or "Amazing Aunt Angela")


Mary said...

your boys are so cute! Poor angie she is going to miss those kids.

Lindsey Ramage said...

What a fun blog! You have such happy boys!

Kerri said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I love the "plants" quote. Sorry I didn't get back to you today...and now I'm afraid it's too late :(