Friday, July 04, 2008

Spencer's first Time Out

Yesterday, at the end of dinner, Spencer started pulling something out of a kitchen cabinet that he shouldn't have...
"Spencer, put it back." I said. He looked up at me with an impish grin and twinkling (yes, twinkling) eyes.
"No," he smiled even broader. I commanded him again and received the same response.
I then turned to Jonathan who was sitting next to me at the table. "Look, look at that, his cute little defiance."
Jonathan, in a now deepened and authoritative Dad voice, "Spencer, put that back." Spencer said no again, and added some defiant hand gestures. Jonathan then stood up, walked over to Spencer, and directed him to sit down against the wall. As he carried Spencer past me, he half smiled and whispered, "Will this work?" I gave him the parenting look of 'I have no idea, but good luck trying, glad its not me, hee hee.'
Jonathan sat him down, "Spencer, stay there, you're in Time Out."
Spencer sat there for a few stunned seconds then burst into tears. I had to cover my smiling mouth, it was so cute. After about a minute, he looked over at me, with his eyes still streaming giant tears.
"Come here, Spencer." I said in my most loving voice. After he walked over, I looked him in the eyes and said, "You have to put things back." He nodded his head, put his thumb in his mouth, and was consoled.
Hopefully, he'll remember next time? I wish I had taken a picture.

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Kerri said...

Poor wittow guy with mean ol' daddy :) ha the story! Beware: Invasion coming soon!!!