Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've got the blues...

Tomorrow morning I was to fly with Jonathan to Dallas for a weekend getaway compliments of McKinsey & Company, but this morning David has a fever, and he has transformed into some kind of psychotic grumpy toddler creature. So, instead of packing I'm sitting here listening to slow music. Yes, "Moonlight Sonata" was in the mix, now it's "Forever Young". (Oh, how I love iTunes!) So, back to my melancholy, yes, my melancholy. So I miss out on a posh hotel, fine dining, fancy desserts, a massage, manicure/pedicure, free babysitting, and a break from my adorable energizer-bunny toddler, who needs that?

I should think of what the six-fingered man would say, at least I have my health...I think. Though, I don't know how long that will last since when David is really cranky he likes to cough hard with his mouth open as wide as possible directly into my face.

Ah, me! Will Jonathan miss me when he is out golfing, rooting for the Mavericks, cracking into his Creme Brulee, or wiping the fresh whipped creme from his nose after a bite of perfectly fluffy Belgian Waffle? Will I survive the weekend, or be found half-eaten by my wild children? The drama! THE DRAMA!

I should blog more often. It's fun making fun of myself.

P.S. This photo is cropped from the new family photos that we just had taken, but I'm not putting them on the website until after Christmas--so that you will be somewhat surprised when you see your gifts. (Wry grin goes here)


Anonymous said...

Well first, that is a great picture of you! And second, don't forget that you will also miss the chance to hang out with me! :)

David and Rosalie said...

We are so sorry that you had to miss all the festivities--as well as the chance to hang out with Jeannie! Hopefully there will be many special occasions in the future which you'll be able to attend. And if a child should happen to fall ill, there will be grandparents around to step in and help!